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Centre for Transdiciplinary AI – TAIGA

We are interested in AI research that benefits people by taking into account ethical, legal, technical, cultural and social aspects – AI for the Good of All. To achieve this, we collaborate with researchers and experts in all disciplines and through internationally established networks and other partners.

Open posititions

We are currently looking for Focus Area Coordinators for TAIGA!

Inauguration of TAIGA

Inauguration of Umeå University’s new Centre for Transdisciplinary AI (TAIGA) 26–28 October 2022

Umeå University's new centre for transdisciplinary AI is in a start-up phase. Our goal is to develop both a structure and an arena for collaboration and synergies in AI research at Umeå University with a focus on AI for the benefit of people. Now, we are planning and conducting seminars on transdisciplinary AI at all faculties and departments.

In a later phase, we will invite to open seminars, presenting ongoing AI research at Umeå University in an accessible way, where both newly established and well-known researchers are welcome to participate. We will also initiate and run research projects in AI and encourage pilot and industrial projects of high international quality. Our activities will be organized in several focus areas where you as a researcher are welcome to collaborate.

Potential focus areas

Social AI

AI and its ability to understand social contexts.

Responsible AI

With a focus on moral and ethical issues.

Explainable AI

Making AI understandable.

AI and Healtcare

AI for improved physical and mental health.

Future partnerships

TAIGA will also offer seminars, workshops, meeting places and activities to guide, challenge and inspire. We aim to be a visible entry point for the public, journalists and external partners. Currently, we are developing collaborations within Umeå University and working to deepen our national and international networks. If you would like to collaborate with TAIGA and have not yet booked a meeting, please contact us by e-mail further down on this page.

Structure and Memberships

Once TAIGA is up and running, we will create a form for you to join TAIGA. Being an affiliate member means that you will be on the TAIGA mailing list and will receive news about seminars, events, calls for applications, etc.
We may also invite you to give a seminar, explore your participation in a project proposal or collaborate with us at other universities or organizations.

If you are interested in participating in the future direction of TAIGA, you can also become a member of the Advisory Board. We hope to establish this group with representatives from all departments and centers of Umeå University. With this group, we will bounce new ideas and have several meetings a year to get input on potential new activities and feedback on past activities. Later we will expand the group with (international) external members from society, industry and academia.

Director and Centre Coordinator 

Frank Dignum, Professor of AI, and Wallenberg Chair in AI is the Director of the Centre. Please contact professor Frank Dignum or the centre Coordinator AnnaKarin Resoluth for further questions and future partnerships.

The Steering Committe of TAIGA is formed by RAI, The Council for Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems at Umeå University.