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Artificial intelligence at Umeå University

At Umeå University, artificial intelligence has been a scientific field since the 1970’s. For the next ten years, our aim is to substantially expand AI research and education across all faculties and subjects.

In order to provide students, partners and society with the knowledge that will be needed in the future, Umeå University is putting a long-term strategic stake on AI research and education.

Together with research environments at other Swedish universities and institutions, and with substantial support from national funding agencies, the goal is to push Sweden into an internationally leading position in artificial intelligence.

Be a member of the UmeAI Network

Umeå University is building an expanding network of researchers, teachers, students and professionals who want to learn, discuss and collaborate around AI-related issues. It is called the UmeAI Network and include seminars, panel discussions, courses and other activities. If you want to be a member of this network, please register in the UmeAI Network sign up form.

AI research
AI research

AI research at Umeå University will be found in a wide range of areas.

AI education
AI education

Umeå University is offering number of AI courses.

AI collaboration
AI collaboration

Collaboration in different forms are important.

AI news

Codemill planning for a stock market launch
Published: 10 Feb, 2020

"We are aiming for the Nasdaq First North Growth Market,” says Johanna Björklund, co-founder and researcher.

Strong participation in the WASP winter conference
Published: 04 Feb, 2020

Umeå University is a partner university within WASP, Sweden's largest individual research program ever.

AI’s impact on UN sustainable goals
Published: 14 Jan, 2020

AI can help – as well as hinder – sustainable development worldwide.

Students explore how AI can help sick children
Published: 20 Dec, 2019

Students explore if artificial intelligence can be a support for sick children.

Diego Calvanese honored as ACM Fellow
Published: 19 Dec, 2019

Diego Calvanese, visiting Professor at the Department of Computing Science, has been named ACM Fellow.

Featured stories

Real AI is Social AI
In 2019 Frank Dignum was inaugurated Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Umeå University.
Published: 04 Feb, 2020
Optimal AI is Responsible AI
In 2019 Virginia Dignum was installed as Professor of Social and Ethical Artificial Intelligence.
Published: 04 Feb, 2020
Artificial intelligence for humans
AI research at Umeå University is partly specialised in ethics and social affairs.
Published: 08 Feb, 2019
Artificial intelligence changes our society
Researchers at Umeå University are gathering to strengthen the university's role in AI.
Published: 21 Nov, 2018