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Autumn winter - Tjaktjedaelvie

Ocurs in November and December

This period starts once the frost and snow has come to stay. The reindeer now move to grazing where there is still some vegetation, grassy forest areas and bogs. This grazing is used for as long as the snow cover is less than 30 cm and before the severe winter cold sets in, after which the reindeer gradually go over to grazing on lichen. This is when they start moving to the winter grazing lands. In early winter, the reindeer are collected up to be divided up into winter groups and for slaughter. Most of the autumn slaughter takes place in the November – December period. At this time the calves weigh 30 – 50 kg, with the cows also reaching their maximum weight in November.

Following the slaughter, the “winter reindeer herd” will consist of as much as 75% females. Now is also the time when the herd is divided up into winter groups. The village’s reindeer are collected into a separating enclosure, where each family group separates out its reindeer before taking them to their own pen. They then move with their reindeer to their particular winter grazing area.


About the artist

Name: Per Enoksson
Lives: In Umeå with his roots in Tärnaby
Profession: Artist and och product developer

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