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News from EMG

Guest professorship focuses on sustainable life along Vindelälven
Published: 07 Jun, 2021

Guest professor Julian D. Olden will focus his research on sustainable life along Vindelälven.

Streams and rivers emit more carbon dioxide at night than day
Published: 16 Apr, 2021

A study by Gerard Rocher Ros shows that the flux may be greater than previously thought.

Metallföroreningar i vattenmiljön påverkar även fåglar på land
Published: 07 Apr, 2021

Johan Lidman shows in his dissertation that metals in water have negative effects on insect-eating birds.

A better understanding of how soil carbon is distributed in the Arctic
Published: 25 Feb, 2021

Two new studies emphasize the variability of soil organic carbon in the Arctic permafrost region.

High greenhouse gas emissions from Siberian Inland Waters
Published: 05 Feb, 2021

Umeå researchers show that carbon emissions from rivers and lakes exceed coal exports to the Arctic Ocean.

Nordic knowledge on challenges with supplementary feeding of reindeer
Published: 03 Feb, 2021

Reindeer herders are forced to support feeding when weather and little food make it difficult for reindeer.

Nutrients affect Arctic freshwater responses to global warming
Published: 20 Jan, 2021

Maria Myrstener shows that this has the potential to decrease primary productivity of these ecosystems.

Prestigious royal environmental professorship to Umeå University
Published: 12 Jan, 2021

Professor André M de Roos, University of Amsterdam, has been appointed the professorship 2021–22.

The many different values of a forest increase with the age of the forest
Published: 12 Jan, 2021

This has been shown by researchers in a new study published in “Environmental Research Letters”.

Umeå University’s LONA days draw attention to wild pollinators
Published: 11 Jan, 2021

29-30 August, the University launches exciting activities linked to "Pollinating Insects in Västerbotten".

New book on Life in extreme environments
Published: 14 Dec, 2020

Arcum affiliate Natuschka Lee is the editor and author of a new book about life in extreme environments

Exotic microbes stimulate carbon emissions from permafrost soil
Published: 30 Nov, 2020

In the study in Nature Geoscience, nearly 40 per cent increase in carbon dioxide emissions was observed.

New knowledge on how climate affects pendulous lichens in northern forests
Published: 17 Nov, 2020

Research from Umeå University explains how traits in pale lichens allow them to thrive in wet climates.

Exchange of knowledge during the internship at Boliden Minerals AB
Published: 28 Sep, 2020

A three-month internship is included in the Industrial Doctoral School. Johan thinks it has been rewarding.

Evolutionary legacy of a keystone tibetan conifer tree
Published: 24 Sep, 2020

The prestigious journal New Phytologist selects the study led by researcher Xiao-Ru Wang as its cover story.

Anxiolytics in lakes gives calming news
Published: 31 Aug, 2020

Johan's thesis shows that pharmaceuticals can be surprisingly persistent in northern environments.

An affiliate's research in The Guardian
Published: 26 Aug, 2020

On August 25, the English newspaper reported on earthworms in Arctic and Jonatan Klaminder's research

Seismic signals allow researchers to see under river ice
Published: 18 Aug, 2020

River scientists report detailed measurements of sediment movement and water level in an ice-covered river.

Peatland carbon and nitrogen stocks vulnerable to permafrost thaw
Published: 10 Aug, 2020

Permafrost thaw due to anthropogenic climate warming may convert peatlands into a net source of warming.

Plant roots increase carbon emission from permafrost soils
Published: 20 Jul, 2020

Plant roots stimulate microbial decomposition and increases greenhouse gas emission from thawing permafrost.

Umeå University’s staff tripled overnight
Published: 19 May, 2020

150,000 diligently working bees and their queens Vilhelmina, Dorotea and Fredrika make up Campus Bigården.

Pike cause speciation in northern lakes
Published: 19 May, 2020

Researchers have mapped environmental factors leading to whitefish dividing into different "sibling species".

Climate researcher receives Umeå Municipality Scientific Award
Published: 17 Mar, 2020

Dominic Vachon receives the award for his research on greenhouse gases in inland waters.

The landscape determines how streams should be restored
Published: 27 May, 2020

Stream restauration projects planned at the landscape scale leads to the best results.

Not only temperature controls the nutrient cycle in the Arctic
Published: 14 Apr, 2020

Nature Communcations: Absence of earthworms can explain why Arctic plants are starving for nitrogen.

Global science team on red alert as Arctic lands grow greener
Published: 11 Mar, 2020

With remote analysis techniques, researchers gain better understanding of tundra regions becoming greener.

UCGS advertise PhD positions
Published: 10 Feb, 2020

The Graduate School of Gender Studies is recruiting five PhD students.

Want to have trout, char and salmon to thrive as fish in the water
Published: 29 Jan, 2020

In the summer, doctoral students Johan Leander and Sven Norman go into an intense period out in the field.

The need for long time series
Published: 08 Nov, 2019

The UN report on oceans and climate is based on long time data series. Umeå University contributes to these.

Honorary doctors at the Faculty of Science and Technology
Published: 23 Jul, 2019

Professor John Anderson and designer Anne Asensio are honorary doctors at Faculty of Science and Technology.