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Research at Department of Law

Research at Department of Law covers many different legal areas. A large portion of the research is organized in research themes, covering both research projects and research groups.

At the same time extensive research is being made outside research themes in areas such as administrative law, family law, the law of credit and insolvency law, procedural law, and environmental economics. The Center of European Law and International Trade Law was established as a research center in 1989 and has been a part of the Department since.

There are presently seven research themes at the department. The purpose of research themes is partly to develop the quality of research and education, and partly to create a healthy foundation for new projects and new doctoral students.

Research is conducted in cooperation with many international and national research networks, and many research themes and projects are conducted in cooperation with public bodies and enterprises. Examples of such cooperation can, for example, be found within the research groups Victims of Crime in the Judicial System and Public Private Interaction and Regional Development. Department of Law have also, for many years, conducted research and development work on the international arena, within the research group Rule of Law and Security.

Responsible for Research

Responsible for Doctoral Studies

Therese Enarsson
Associate professor
Latest update: 2023-08-29