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Collaborate with the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

The department has extensive experience of interacting with companies, authorities, schools and organisations, in research and education. External collaborations are important to us because they have the potential to increase the quality of our education and research. It is also our task to spread knowledge to the public about our subjects mathematics and mathematical statistics as well as their applications.

Student work

The department is responsible for the master of science programme in Industrial Economics (IE) which has three profiles: risk management, industrial statistics and logistics and optimisation. Every year there is a need for 25-50 degree projects (30 credits, equivalent to one semester’s studies) and 15-30 project works. We would like to see a large part of this work carried out in close collaboration with regional and national companies, authorities and organisations. We also have students who do degree projects (15 credits or 30 credits) in mathematics and mathematical statistics, and here too we like to work closely with external stakeholders.

If you have a proposal for student work, you are welcome to contact Markus Ådahl (programme coordinator for IE), Peter Anton (director of studies).

Collaboration with secondary and upper secondary schools

We work closely with secondary and upper secondary school classes, for which we provide inspirational lectures, workshops and help in supervising upper secondary school work. We are part of the national and local initiatives Den levande frågelådan åk 5 och 6 and Kunskapsveckan vecka 44. For high-performing upper secondary students, we can offer courses at university level parallel with the students' upper secondary studies. We also participate in continuing education activities for teachers and school managers. If you are a teacher or head teacher and are interested in a collaboration with us, you can contact Catarina Rudälv for more information.

Lectures and seminars for the public

Spreading knowledge about mathematics and mathematical statistics to the public is a priority task; the department's seminars are generally open to the public. If you are interested in our giving a popular science lecture, you can contact either a teacher/researcher directly or alternatively Peter Anton (director of studies).

Research collaborations

Mathematics and mathematical statistics are theoretical subjects, but as the world changes (faster computers, better storage capacity and more data), the need for these subjects within applications has become increasingly important. We have and have had everything from extensive nationally-funded collaborations (e.g. with Volvo Trucks, SKF and Region Ostrobothnia in Finland) to less extensive collaborations consisting of consultancy assignments (e.g. with Västerbotten County Council and Konftel) and contract training (e.g. with Boliden, GE Healthcare and Element 6). If you are interested in a research collaboration, you can contact either Patrik Rydén (collaboration manager) or Peter Anton (mainly consultancy and contract training). It is also possible to make direct contact with our research leaders

Invite yourself

If you and your company/organisation wish to take the opportunity to present yourselves and your approach to problems to our staff or our students, you are warmly welcome. Contact Peter Anton for more information.

Latest update: 2024-02-22