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Department of Science and Mathematics Education

At the department of science and mathematics education we conduct teacher education and research in educational work and subject matter education.

The department has about 45 employees and is strong in both education (undergraduate and postgraduate) and research. The education is in teacher education towards mathematics, science, technology, and the core of educational science. Research and postgraduate education are in science, technology, and mathematics education, as well as pedagogical work and there is an active seminar culture.

The department has bright and newly renovated premises that are centrally located on campus, in the Natural Sciences Building. Those of us who work at the department think it is important to work for a good working environment and unity. We are therefore much present in the workplace and the “fika” tradition is strong, which makes it relatively easy for us to get to know new colleagues.


Chemistry students study molecules in a VR environment

Through VR glasses, students can twist and turn molecular models and see chemical reactions in 3D.

SEK nine million for research into popular science visualisation of the atmosphere

Madelen Bodin's project will contribute to young people's education and create interest in science.

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