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Staff at the department of science and mathematics education

Here is a list of our staff.


Anders Berg
Anders Hofverberg

My main interest lies in students’ motivation and science education. I also focus on higher education pedagogy in my current research.

Anette Bagger

Researcher and Senior Lecturer with and interest in matemathics, assessment and special education. Special interests: equity, ethics, assessment, sociopolitical issues.

Anna Loden

After 25 years as a science teacher, I started researching! My research investigates the relationship between students 'awareness of their filter bubbles and science online.

Birte Svenja Reichstein

I am a PhD student in the field of science education.

Specifically I am interesrted in how science education contributes to fostering responsible citizenry in younger generations.

Björn Palmberg
Christina Ottander

Professor in Science Education, and PhD in Plant Physiology. Many of the on-going projects build on teacher-researcher collaborations and include both development of teaching and research.

Erik Nordenström
Erika Boström
Eva Knekta

I am a associate professor and are doing research on issues related to the function of science education and education for a sustainable transformation of the society.

Ewa Bergqvist

Associate professor (Sw: docent) in mathematics education with research interests regarding language and mathematics. Head of department at the Department of science and mathematics education.

Frithjof Theens
Helena Näs
Helena Vennberg
Helena Westman

Works as an institution administrator at NMD.

Jenny Hellgren
Johanna Lönngren

Associate professor in science and engineering education, focusing on education for sustainable development and emotions in engineering education.

Juan Carlos Araujo-Cabarcas
Karolina Broman

Associate dean with education responsitbility, Chair of the Education committee, at the Faculty of Science and Technology. Docent and excellent teacher.

Lina Varg

I'm employed as a Ph. D student in science education with focus on upper primary school and the transition to secondary school. I'm also an instructor for teacher students.


Lisa Klingstedt
Lotta Vingsle

I am a teacher and researcher in mathematics education. My research interest is in formative assessment and language and mathematics.

Lotta Wedman
Madelen Bodin

I am the director of Curiosum, a new science center for learning and communicating science and technology. 

Magnus Österholm

Professor of Mathematics Education. Deputy head of department, with responsibility for research and research education.

Malin Norberg
Manya Sundström

Docent in mathematics education.  Works with mathematical aesthetics and proof.  Just now works with Curiosum, the new science center in Umeå.

Maria Berge

Maria Berge works as a teacher and researcher at NMD.

Mathias Norqvist

I am working as the director of studies at our department. I also teach mathematics education for primary and secondary school pre-service teachers. My research mainly regards mathematical reasoning.

Mikael Winberg

Mikael Winberg's research focus is on how student epistemic beliefs and motivation affects their learning, and how these in turn are affected by the instructional design.

Oleg Popov

Oleg Popov is Associate Professor in physics education. His research interests lie in the field of intercultural science education, curriculum development and learning in different contexts.

Sofia Ulin
Stefan Westin

Doctoral student in technology didactics.

Tomas Bergqvist

Associate Professor in pedagogical work. Research area: Mathematics education, focusing on mathematical reasoning and the relationship between language and mathematics.

Latest update: 2021-06-18