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Arriving and moving in

Please take this information into account while planning your arrival in Umeå.

Before you come to Umeå

Step 1: Wait for your Offer of Housing

Before you make any travel arrangements you should wait until your Offer of Housing is sent to you. Information about your arrival will be in your offer of housing letter that you should receive around one-two months before the start of the semester.

Step 2: Plan for your arrival

When planning for your arrival please consider our recommended arrival days. During these days we have extra opening hours and services available to make it easier for you to get to your new home.

The recommended arrivals days for the autumn semester 2021 are 23 and 24 August.

Step 3: Tell us when and where you are coming

We have two separate pick-up places for the envelopes with keys and information. Because of this you need to tell us when you are coming so that we can put your envelope in the right pick-up place.

It is therefore important that you fill in the Arrival Confirmation form and tell us your arrival time and your means of transportation.

Step 4: Read and sign the contract

You need to sign the housing contract before you will be able to collect your keys. 

We will send your housing contract to your email address, and you need to sign it electronically (digital signature). When we both have signed the contract, we will receive a quittance each. Save your PDF of the contract – you will not receive a paper copy.

Arriving in Umeå

Step 1: Get your keys and move in

Information about how to get your keys can be found further down on this webpage.

Step 2: Fill in the Student Inspection Report

When you have moved in you need to fill in the Student Inspection Report within 7 days of your arrival. The report is not valid if you send it later than this.

Step 3: Attend the Orientation for international students

We recommend that you attend the Orientation for international students. The Orientation consists of a series of lectures and activities that are designed to help you become acquainted with life in Umeå and studies at our university. It also offers a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. We strongly recommend that you arrive in time for the Orientation.

Orientation dates:

  • Spring semester: normally begins the same day as the term starts. 
  • Autumn semester: normally a few days before the term starts.

Read more about the Orientation for international students


Getting your keys: Arrival by plane

Arrival by plane on the recommended arrival dates 09:00 - 20:00

You will be met at the airport and will receive the envelope with your keys. Due to COVID-19, we ask you to please keep the distance while collecting your envelope.

Please have your passport ready to identify yourself.

Bus shuttle

During the recommended arrival days, we are pleased to offer a bus shuttle that will take you from the airport to a central location near your address. The bus shuttle is only available on the recommended arrival days from 09:00 until 19:30 at the Umeå Airport.

Arrival by plane outside the recommended arrival dates

You can pick up your keys at Infocenter at Universum. Infocenter opening hours. You need to travel to Infocenter by your own means. A few alternatives:

  • There are taxis available at the aiport. If you want to make sure there is a taxi for you, you can book a taxi in advance. A taxi to 'Universum' takes around 10-15 minutes and costs about SEK 300.
  • The airport bus (nr. 80) stops at Vasaplan, which is in the city centre. There is an automat/slot-machine next to the main airport entrance where you can purchase a ticket. At Vasaplan you need to change to a local bus that takes you to your location. With the airport bus ticket, you have a free transfer within 2 hours, to go with a local bus. The closest bus stop to Infocenter is 'Universum'. For more information read: Travelling by bus in Umeå

Getting your keys: arrival by train, bus, ferry or car

Arrival on the recommended arrival dates

You should go to Infocenter Universum where you can pick up your keys. Please have your passport ready to identify yourself.

Arrival outside the recommended arrival dates

You can pick up your keys at Infocenter Universum. Remember to check the Infocenter opening hours.

Arrival by train

There are two railway stations in Umeå:

  • Umeå Östra (East)
  • Umeå Centrum (Centre)

If possible, our recommendation is to get off at the Umeå Östra station. It is about 10 minutes walking distance away from the HO/Infocenter. From the Umeå Centrum station you would have to walk to Vasaplan from where the local buses take off, and take any bus that goes towards the ‘University Hospital’ and get off at that stop. From there you will have a 5 minute walk to the HO, at Infocenter, Universum.

Arriving in Umeå by train

Travelling by bus in Umeå

Time tables and purchasing tickets 

Information about time tables and purchasing tickets for the buses can be found on the website for the local buses.

Tickets can be purchased via your mobile phone (use the app Ultra - Umeås lokaltrafik) or by credit/debit card. Buses in Umeå do not accept cash.

You can also find more information and buy tickets at the offices for travel information (Reseinfo) located at the hospital and at Vasaplan.

Local bus stops on campus

We have compiled a list of stops for the local buses located on campus or close to campus as well as which bus lines stop at which bus stop.

  • Växthuset (Greenhouse): 2, 5, 8, 72
  • Iksu-hallen: 2, 72
  • Skidspåret: 2
  • Samhällsvetarhuset (Social Sciences Building): 1
  • Universitetssjukhuset (University Hospital): 1, 5, 8, 9
  • Universum: 2, 5, 8, 9

Contact Information

Housing Office (HO)
Infocenter Universum
Umeå University
SE-901 87 Umeå 

Due to reducing the risk of spreading the corona virus, the HO staff is working from home. Physical meetings have to be scheduled through an email to the HO.

Note: The recommended arrival days for the autumn semester 2021 are scheduled to 23 and 24 August. 

Tel: +46 90-786 57 72

Infocenter Universum

Directions to Infocenter