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Advanced Experimental Tools in Chemistry

  • Number of credits 15 credits
  • Level Master’s level
  • Starting Autumn Term 2022

About the course

Advanced experimental and instrumental chemical techniques play a decisive role for studies of molecules and their interaction with their surroundings. Chemists are supposed to possess the ability to both produce completely new substances and to study these with the help of suitable tools - a combination of knowledge that is central within many natural scientific, medical and technological disciplines within both academia and industry. The course addresses theoretical and practical aspects of modern techniques for producing, isolating and characterising various types of chemical substances that are important within the life and environmental sciences. The course encompasses four modules that address tools for (i) synthesis and isolation, (ii) separation, (iii) identification and quantification, (iv) structure-characterisation. The course focuses on liquid chromatography,mass spectrometry, infrared and Raman spectroscopy, and techniques for x-ray spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction. The course's laboratory experiments cover organic synthesis work and practical work with advanced chemical instrumentation. They are closely connected with ongoing research at Umeå University within the fields of protein, medicinal and environmental chemistry.

Application and eligibility

Advanced Experimental Tools in Chemistry, 15 credits

Visa tillfällen för föregående termin Autumn Term 2022 Det finns inga senare terminer för kursen

The information below is only for exchange students


1 November 2022


15 January 2023

Study location




Type of studies

Daytime, 100%

Required Knowledge

90 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 ECTS credits are in the main area of chemistry including the course in Biophysical Chemical Concepts (5KE145/5KE174), or the equivalent and English B/6.


Students applying for courses within a double degree exchange agreement, within the departments own agreements will be given first priority. Then will - in turn - candidates within the departments own agreements, faculty agreements, central exchange agreements and other departmental agreements be selected.

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This application round is only intended for nominated exchange students. Information about deadlines can be found in the e-mail instruction that nominated students receive. The application period is closed.

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Course is given by
Department of Chemistry
Contactperson for the course is:
Erik Björn