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Application instructions

Please read through the application instructions below before you proceed with your course application through the link in your nomination email.

To come to Umeå University as an exchange student, there must be an existing signed formal exchange agreement with Umeå University and your home university. You need to be nominated by the exchange coordinator at your home university.

It is recommended that interested students contact the exchange coordinator at their home university to find out if there is a possibility to be nominated as an exchange student to Umeå University.

Before you proceed with your application, watch this video:

Application instructions

Before you choose your courses

There is no add/drop period and course changes after the deadline are very restricted at Umeå University. Therefore, it is important that you choose courses carefully. The course duration is shown as below.

Check which period the courses are offered

In the Swedish system, you usually only take one course at a time. We therefore encourage you to choose courses that are given at different periods during the semester so that you do not end up with four courses that all start at the same time.

Observe type of studies (tempo/study pace of the course)

Courses are given at different study paces. Full-time studies (100 %) equal 40 hours a week.

Some courses are given at half-time (50 %) or part-time (25 %), which means that the work load is 20 hours and 10 hours per week respectively. Consequently, half-time and part-time courses run for a longer period than a full-time course.

A few courses are taught online with no meetings on campus. If you do not intend to enroll in an online course, make sure that none of the courses you select are marked "Distance" under Type of studies.

Note! If you are applying for a residence permit or visa, the courses you select need to be marked On campus under Type of studies.

For more information, see Study system.

Look through the specific requirements

The requirements are obligatory. To be eligible for a course, you must meet the required knowledge. The requirements are found on the course web page.

Proof of English Proficiency

As an exchange student you do not need to prove your proficiency in English - this requirement is intended for international students outside a formal exchange agreement. However, you should be able to follow English taught classes. 

When applying

Submit your course selection by using your unique link from Solemove

Your unique link to the course web page can be found in the e-mail from Solemove with the subject line "Nomination received - send in course selection". Select your courses through the course web page for exchange students by clicking on your unique link.

If you apply for courses through any other way, other than the unique link in the email from Solemove, the course application will be invalid.

Apply for 30 ECTS to be a full-time student

The number of credits you can be admitted to is restricted to 30 ECTS per term, which equals full-time studies. If you need to apply for a residence permit you must be admitted to full-time studies. If you are admitted to 30 ECTS the exceeding courses will be dropped, with the exemption for Swedish for International Students, Beginners´ Course I, II, or III that you can apply for in addition to 30 ECTS in other subjects.

List the courses in order of preference

The courses should be listed in order of preference. You can apply for a maximum of eight courses but since you will not be admitted to more than 30 ECTS per term, it is very important how you prioritise your courses. Once you have been admitted to 30 ECTS, the remaining courses will be deleted from your application. 

Ensure that your home university approves of your selection

Make sure that your home university approves of your selection of courses before you submit your application. This is important so that you can transfer the credits from Umeå University to your home university.

Send the course selection to University Admissions

Once you are satisfied with your choice of courses, click on the button "Send to universityadmissions.se". You will be re-directed to the University Admissions website, where you should log in. If you do not have an account, you need to create one.

Make sure that you use the same e-mail address for your account at University Admissions website as in Solemove. We will communicate with you to this address. Your username on the University Admissions website is your e-mail address.

You should not add any courses directly at the University Admissions website and it is not possible to submit a late application directly at university admissions. If you do, that application will not be considered as part of your exchange studies and will be deleted.

Upload your documents

  1. Log in to your account at universityadmissions.se.
  2. Go to Documents.
  3. Read Information before getting started for instructions.
  4. Follow the step-by-step instructions for uploading documents.

The following documents must be uploaded:

  • Study Information (PDF)
    Please download and open Study Information in Adobe Acrobat Reader before filling it out. Using alternative PDF software or an old version of Adobe may make the Study Information unreadable.
  • All your academic transcript of records (Relevé de notes et resultats, mark sheet). If you are a master 's student it is important to also upload your bachelor's transcript.

  • Passport or Identification.


You should not upload any other documents if additional documents are listed on the University Admissions website.

Last day to apply and upload your documents is 15 October for spring semester start/15 April for autumn semester start.

In the event that the dates above fall on a weekend/holiday, the deadlines are moved to the nearest workday.

Your application is complete when you have submitted your application and uploaded your documents to your account on the University Admissions website.

After your application

Change your course selection before the deadline

If you want to change your course selection before the application deadline, use the same link found in your e-mail and make the changes in your current application. If you apply for courses in any other way, the course application will be invalid.

Assessment of your application

We will now process your application. If you do not meet the requirements or if any documentation is missing we will contact you. It is therefore important that you check the e-mail address that you used when you created your account on a regular basis.

Follow your application status

You can follow the status of your application on your account on the University Admissions website.

Notification of Selection Results

All students will receive an email notifying them that the results of the selection have been published in their account on the University Admissions website. Autumn semester applicants will receive the e-mail at the end of May, and all spring semester applicants by mid-November. Please, read through the entirety of the document.

  • As an exchange student you do not have to confirm your offer to keep your place in the course.
  • If you have been conditionally admitted to one or several courses it means that you must pass the courses you are currently enrolled in at your home university, before the course at our university starts. As soon as you have finished the courses, please upload a new transcript.

Do you have questions about the application procedure?

For questions regarding eligibility, which documents to upload and how to navigate universityadmissions.se, contact the International Admissions Office at international.admissions@umu.se 

For questions regarding the application through Solemove and course selection contact the International Office at incoming.io@umu.se 

Now you are well prepared to proceed with your application through the link in your nomination e-mail from Solemove. We look forward to receiving your application!

Latest update: 2023-02-24