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Architecture, term 4

  • Number of credits 30 credits
  • Level Bachelor's level
  • Starting Spring Term 2024

About the course package

The exchange term at Umeå School of Architecture provides the students with a wide understanding of the subject architecture, the necessary practical tools and implements for analysis, conceptual sketch and composition skills, and a wide range of technical knowledge. The education is largely based on project assignments and aims to integrate theoretical and scientific knowledge with artistic process and research.

The package consists of courses in Architecture Project, Architectural Technology, History of Architecture, Urban Planning and Theory of Architecture. All courses run in parallel with some weeks during the term dedicated to specific courses.

5AR211 Architecture Project 2:2, 15 credits.
The course develops students' understanding of architecture in relation to society and its changes. In the project work the students explore how architectural structures and public spaces interact in different contexts at local, regional and global levels. The student is trained to see both the individual and societal perspectives on the organization and design of environments. The course increases the student's ability to make informed decisions between different working methods and representational techniques in architectural projects. Analog and digital, as well as text-based and visual tools and representation methods are combined in the project work.

5AR205 Architectural Technology 2:2, 4 credits
The course deals with the construction of large spaces. Students carry out investigations in a workshop aimed at examining structural principles and behavior of different materials and the relationship between structural strategies and the architectural space.

5AR207 Urban Planning 1, 6 credits
The course deals with planning for architects on a basic level. The course provides knowledge about the official principles of planning through elements that highlight both visionary and interdisciplinary aspects. The course includes a discussion of both the private and public spheres in the city. The emphasis lies on the awareness that the planning of communities and the built environment is defined by relationships between different scales, densities and systems of communities, as well as architecture. Students are introduced to the parameters that affect a specific context's character and development over time. The student's understanding of the city's political and spatial complexity is developed in the project work. New context specific strategies with a focus on sustainability are developed in the project work.

5AR208 Theory of Architecture 2:2, 2 credits
The course discusses man and his relationship to the object through the history, present and future. By highlighting several theories about how we as humans can understand and act in a world that is simultaneously digital and analogue, the course provides an in-depth understanding of how the network society is changing our way of being. 

5AR216 History of Architecture 2:2, 3 credits
The course provides students with a global overview of the history of architecture from 14th century until the 18th century CE. It covers a period in European architectural history starting with the Italian Renaissance and concluding with the Industrial Revolution. The course begins from a European perspective, but critically contextualises the dominant narratives of European history with counter-narratives from the global south. The course addresses the history of both buildings and urban design. The nature of historiography as a subjective practice is critically examined through the omissions of the key texts. Alternative narratives of global architectural history are introduced, and examples from the global north and south are presented in dialogue with one another.

Courses in course package

History of Architecture 2:2, 3 credits

Starts 15 January 2024
This course is only included in the course package.

Architecture Project 2:2, 15 credits

Starts 15 January 2024
This course is only included in the course package.

Theory of Architecture 2:2, 2 credits

Starts 15 January 2024
This course is only included in the course package.

Urban planning 1, 6 credits

Starts 15 January 2024
This course is only included in the course package.

Architectural Technology 2:2, 4 credits

Starts 15 January 2024
This course is only included in the course package.

Application and eligibility

Architecture, term 4, 30 credits

Visa tillfällen för föregående termin Spring Term 2024 Det finns inga senare terminer för kursen

The information below is only for exchange students


15 January 2024


2 June 2024

Study location




Type of studies

Daytime, 100%

Required Knowledge

To qualify for this course the following courses (or comparable courses) are required: Architecture Project 1:1 (15 credits), History of Architecture 1:1 (6 credits), Architectural Technology 1:1 (3 credits), Theory of Architecture 1:1 (6 credits), Architecture Project 1:2 (15 credits), Architectural Technology 1:2 (3 credits), Theory of Architecture 1:2 (6 credits), History of Architecture 1:2 (6 credits).


Students applying for courses within a double degree exchange agreement, within the departments own agreements will be given first priority. Then will - in turn - candidates within the departments own agreements, faculty agreements, central exchange agreements and other departmental agreements be selected.

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This application round is only intended for nominated exchange students. Information about deadlines can be found in the e-mail instruction that nominated students receive. Notification of admission will be sent in mid-November.

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Course is given by
Umeå School of Architechture
Contactperson for the course is:
Sofia Mikaelsson