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Industrial Design, Interaction, term 2

  • Number of credits 30 credits
  • Level Master’s level
  • Starting Spring Term 2023

Admitted to the course package

Here you will find everything you need to know before the course package starts.

About the course package

The exchange term at Interaction Design Programme deals with the relation between people and Information Technology with particular focus on the interaction between product and user. We see the discipline of Interaction Design as the ability to design both the cognitive and physical interface and integrate them into a successful whole. Our aim is to enable designers to create sustainable, comprehensible and pleasurable information based products, services and environments.

5ID226 Form Workshop
The course contains specialised studies within the field of form theory, sound and product interaction.

  1. Experiment with sound, imagery and interaction, 3 credits
    The section contains several short practical design projects where students in teams explore the connections between sound, imagery and interaction, and their relation to chosen products identities and brands. The students are introduced to relevant software for sound processing during this section.
  2. Product analysis and project work, 4.5 credits.
    This section contains design and form theory where students in teams analyse and design a product with form and sound qualities. The students are introduced to sound design theory and relevant software for sound processing during this section. The result is presented with physical models and adherent sound demonstrations.

5ID193 Communication Design for co-creation
The purpose with this course is to explore alternative ways, through traditional and new media, to visualize and communicate information with focus on Service Design and to provide training in running co-creative design processes together with users and stakeholders.

5ID079 Project 2: General Product 15 credits
The overall aim is to provide students with practical experience in designing a product or a system that caters to a broad user group. The project provides a platform to explore techniques and methods in the context of design ethnography and participatory design. The project allows students to discover and think critically about design ethnography and participatory design through a combination of practical experience and the experience of others.

  1. Design Ethnographic Methods, 5 credits  
  2. Participation design and concept study, 5 credits
  3. Design development and presentation, 5 credits

This course package is an opportunity for students who is doing exchange studies at the MFA Programme in Interaction design to apply for one more semester.

Courses in course package

Form Workshop, 7.5 credits

Starts 16 January 2023
This course is only included in the course package.

Communication Design for co-creation, 7.5 credits

Starts 16 February 2023
This course is only included in the course package.

Project 2: General Product, 15 credits

Starts 22 March 2023
This course is only included in the course package.

Application and eligibility

Industrial Design, Interaction, term 2, 30 credits

Det finns inga tidigare terminer för kursen Spring Term 2023 Det finns inga senare terminer för kursen

The information below is only for exchange students


16 January 2023


4 June 2023

Study location




Type of studies

Daytime, 100%

Required Knowledge

A Bachelor's degree or equivalent first-cycle qualification comprising of at least 180 ECTS or a corresponding qualification from an internationally recognized university. Specific entry requirements are: 60 ECTS credits in the field of Design + Portfolio. 5ID084 Skills and Techniques, ID 7,5 ECTS, 5ID076 Project 1: Professional product 15 ECTS, Graphic Design 1 7,5 ECTS or equivalent. English B/6.


Selection is based upon submitted portfolio material and motivation letter. For acceptance, artistic talent and design aptitude is essential. Students applying for courses within a double degree exchange agreement, within the departments own agreements will be given first priority. Then will - in turn - candidates within the departments own agreements, faculty agreements, central exchange agreements and other departmental agreements be selected.

Application code



This application round is only intended for nominated exchange students. Information about deadlines can be found in the e-mail instruction that nominated students receive. The application period is closed.

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Course is given by
Umeå Institute of Design
Contactpersons for the course are:
Exchange studies, International contact person