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Student housing

The Housing Office at Umeå University can assist tuition fee-paying students and exchange students who have been nominated by their home universities with accommodation.

We can offer single-occupancy student room accommodation in student corridors. Note: It is prohibited to live more than one person in the same room. Our accommodation is off-campus, but within walking distance of the campus.

Should there be a large number of applicants, students registered for at least 15 ECTS per semester are prioritized.

How do I apply for housing through the HO?

Exchange students: If you want the HO to arrange your accommodation, all you need to do - when filling in your information in Solemove - is to click ”Yes, I am enclosing the housing application…” and specify the housing period (a short-term or full-term contract). If ”Yes”, then your application is noted, no enclosure needed. You will receive further information about how to apply for accommodation in your Notification of Selection Results. Note: You can not book a room yourself.

Tuition fee-paying students/Scholarship students: You will receive the application instructions when your tuition fee is paid or when you have accepted your scholarship offer.

The information above does not apply to short term students.

I will only be in Umeå for a short time, how can I get accommodation? In the online application for exchange studies at Umeå University, specify that your "stay is shorter than one term" and fill in your estimated arrival and departure date. You will receive more information about accommodation via email from the HO.

Information about our rooms

The Housing Office can offer students single-occupancy rooms in student corridors. Our housing stock consists of approximately 500 rooms in different student housing areas off-campus, but within walking distance of the campus. Both Swedish and international students live in the student corridors. The corridors are not gender segregated.  

A student corridor is usually comprised of 6-10 single-occupancy rooms, which are spread along a corridor with a shared kitchen and a common room.  

Prices vary from approximately SEK 14,000-21,000 per semester, depending on area and the room. Additionally, a service fee of SEK 800 for one semester (non-recurrent) is included (note: not a deposit).  

Find out more about residential neighbourhoods in Umeå:
Housing areas

Before you come to Umeå

  1. Read and sign the contract
    You need to sign the housing contract before you will be able to collect your keys. We will send the housing contract to your email address, and you need to sign it electronically (digital signature). You will find a PDF file of the contract in “My Pages”.
  2. Plan for your arrival
    When planning for your arrival please consider our recommended arrival day/s. During these days we have extra opening hours and services available to make it easier for you to get to your new home. Fill in your arrival dates in the Arrival Confirmation as soon as you have your travel arrangements set, no later than one week before intended arrival. 

Information for tenants 

The maximum period that you as an international student can rent a room through the Housing Office at Umeå University is two semesters (one academic year).

The rent is paid monthly, and you will receive invoices by email.

Note: Do not pay your rent before you have received the invoice! Please note that you first invoice should be paid before you arrive in Umeå. If not the contract is no longer valid.

All exchange- and tuition fee-paying students are covered through the Swedish administrative authority Kammarkollegiet. Exchange students are insured through the so-called Student IN insurance and tuition fee-paying students through FAS Plus insurance. Please find insurance conditions here: Student insurance - Kammarkollegiet. Included in the insurance is also a property insurance up to a value of 20,000 SEK.  

Internet is provided solely through the internet company Bredband2. Internet is included as part of the rent and cannot be excluded.  

Note: There is no wifi in your room. You need to bring your own LAN cable. You can also bring a router, if you want wifi. 

You can find information about how to get started with your Bredband2 internet connection in this Support guide.

Lost key
If you lose your key/s, you should contact Infocenter immediately. You will have to cover the cost of changing the locks on your door. This is mandatory no matter how you lost your key. The price of changing a lock depends on the number of keys you lose. 

Rules and Regulations:

Cleaning during your stay  
As a tenant you are responsible for cleaning your own room regularly during your stay. It is the responsibility of you and your corridor neighbours to keep the kitchen and corridor nice and tidy. The floors of the common room, kitchen and corridor, however, will be cleaned weekly by a cleaning team in order to maintain a clean standard and good living conditions in the common areas.  

It is prohibited to smoke in your room and in the common areas.

Rubbish and waste
Household waste must be disposed of in the appropriate containers, and it is you as tenant who is responsible for disposing of the waste. You are not allowed to keep bags of waste in the corridor. Check with your corridor neighbours or the area caretaker where these refuse chambers are located.  

If you plan to bring a pet with you, contact the HO for guidance in advance.

Be considerate
You are allowed to have parties in your room and corridor, but keep in mind that you, as the host, are responsible for any damages or disturbances that are caused, including any possible turnouts by the security company. Think about your neighbours and try to keep things quiet after 22:00 and early in the mornings. 

Before you return home

Make sure to arrange your travel arrangements well in time before intended departure. Plan your departure based on your contract's end date. Before you return home you have to:

  • clean the room
  • remove your personal belongings
  • return your keys

In due time to your departure, you will receive a Departure email with information about how to clean the room and where to return the keys.

Please follow the instructions in the enclosed Cleaning checklist and the tutorial cleaning video. Remember to reserve enough time for the cleaning.

After you move out from your room a technical and cleaning inspection is carried out within approximately two months after you have left. If you have failed to carry out the cleaning as instructed, you will be charged for the cleaning costs and any other repair costs (minimum fee 500 SEK).

Your keys need to be returned to Infocenter the HO at 9:00 am at the latest on the last day of your housing contract – no exceptions.

Contact Information

Housing Office (HO)
Infocenter Universum
Umeå University
SE-901 87 Umeå 

Due to reducing the risk of spreading the corona virus, the HO staff is working from home. Physical meetings have to be scheduled through an email to the HO.

Note: The recommended arrival days for the autumn semester 2021 are scheduled to 23 and 24 August. 

Tel: +46 90-786 57 72