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Lag-response associations between air pollution and CVD incidence

Time Friday 16 April, 2021 at 08:30 - 09:30
Place Zoom

Hedi Kriit is a PdD student at the Section of sustainable health and she will present preliminary results of her fourth manuscript within the framework of her dissertation.

In this manuscript she has focused on identifying the time-windows of importance for the associations between air pollution exposure and CVD incidence using prospective multi-cohort data.

Currently there is a lack of knowledge regarding the lag effects of air pollution exposure and health effects. National reports and previous studies estimating the effects of air pollution have therefore assumed a simultaneous effect in health with expected change in air pollution levels. However, it is reasonable to assume that the exposure of air pollution stretches itself over time before leading to incidence of health outcome, which also affects the economic evaluation of air pollution. To be able to motivate the reduction of air pollution levels in urban environments it is important to have realistic time estimates, when these positive health effects can be accounted for and if the lag-response time is sensitive to thresholds.  

The seminar will be in English and is arranged within the seminar series at Sustainable Health together with the Center for Occupational and Behavioral Medicine at Region Västerbotten.


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Staff photo Hedi Katre Kriit
Hedi Katre Kriit
Doctoral student
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