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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 14 January 2021)



News about dissertations

SEK nine million for research into popular science visualisation of the atmosphere
Published: 12 Jan, 2021

Madelen Bodin's project will contribute to young people's education and create interest in science.

SEK 12 million for two AI projects at Umeå University
Published: 12 Jan, 2021

Johanna Björklund and Simon Lindgren investigate how digital communication and political bots affect society.

Prestigious royal environmental professorship to Umeå University
Published: 12 Jan, 2021

Professor André M de Roos, University of Amsterdam, has been appointed the professorship 2021–22.

WASP-HS to host a major conference on AI, Humanity and Society
Published: 12 Jan, 2021

This conference will bring together prominent researchers and experts in companies and organisations.

Stormy, gloomy and hopeful when researchers exhibit their work
Published: 12 Jan, 2021

Manya Sundström and Mattias Marklund have published a poem with photographs in “Mathematical Intelligencer”.

The many different values of a forest increase with the age of the forest
Published: 12 Jan, 2021

This has been shown by researchers in a new study published in “Environmental Research Letters”.

Collaboration for future research
Published: 28 Dec, 2020

Focus at the workshop was research collaboration and boundaries between academia and the business community.

Better understanding of computer-based design optimization and sound propagation in the wind
Published: 28 Dec, 2020

Linus Hägg studied filters to prevent the appearance of small details in computer-based design optimization.

An astronomical VR grant for laser physics research
Published: 23 Dec, 2020

The research focuses on accurate data of highly excited energy levels of important molecules in astrophysics.

Architect students make a difference for refugees in Izmir and Lesvos
Published: 22 Dec, 2020

The project engaged 40 highly dedicated master's students to making a difference for the displaced people.

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