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Involving digital elements in teaching can in some cases be about the application of digital tools and methods from subject-specific theoretical and methodological perspectives. In other cases, it is more about practical applications in order to inspire critical discussion of digital tools and methods. When we use digital elements we also aim to provide theoretical perspectives on, and a reflective understanding of, digital media and our contemporary.

Our theoretical elements aim to provide students with advanced knowledge in concepts and perspectives to understand and analyze the role and influence of digital technology in various social and cultural contexts.

Undergraduate studies

Humlab participates in teaching at several programs and courses. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Postgraduate studies

Humlab offers courses in Digital Humanities and Digital Research at Postgraduate Level.

Program activities

Humlab Talks, Humlab SHARE and Humlab Tech Breakfast.

ICT in teaching

Humlab offers technical equipment and digital tools for teachers in the humanities.

Latest update: 2022-08-24