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Postgraduate studies

Humlab offers courses in Digital Humanities and Digital Research at Postgraduate Level. In our courses we combine theoretical and methodological perspectives. Teaching is given in the form of lectures, literature seminars and practical reviews and applications.

PhD Course: Digital Research (7.5 ECTS)

Humlab and DIGSUM at Umeå University invite PhD students to take part in our fully online course Digital Research.

The course runs between May 3 and June 2 2021, and includes the following content:           


3 May 10-12 
(Ulf Sandqvist, Coppélie Cocq, & Simon Lindgren)

5 May 10-12 + 13-15
Social Network analysis
(Simon Lindgren)

10 May 10-12 + 13-15 
Introduction to Text Mining
(Fredrik Norén)

12 May 10-12 + 13-15 
Digital Ethnography
(Coppélie Cocq & Evelina Liliequist)

17 May 10-12 + 13-15 
Internet ethics
(Coppélie Cocq)

19 May 13-15
Application 1: Digital cultural heritage
(Pelle Snickars)

24 May 13-15
Application 2: Digital history
(Erik Lakomaa)

26 May 10-12
Application 3: Design Informatics and Feminist Technoscience
(Karin Danielsson & Anna Croon)

28 May 13-15
Application 4: Data protection law for researchers
(Jan Leidö)

4 June 9-12
(Coppélie Cocq & Simon Lindgren)


The course will be examined through written assigments, and online presentations. Upon completion of the course, the student will be awarded a signed certificate of participation, to be formally reviewed/registered at the students’ home department/institution

The course is coordinated by Coppélie Cocq (Humlab) and Simon Lindgren (DIGSUM).

Sign up for the course using THIS online form. Deadline for registration is March 31 2021.