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Postgraduate studies

Humlab offers courses in Digital Humanities and Digital Research at Postgraduate Level. The courses are open to all PhD students.

In our courses we combine theoretical and methodological perspectives. Teaching is given in the form of lectures, literature seminars and practical reviews and applications. Parts of the courses are adapted to individual needs and wishes so that the doctoral student is given the opportunity to associate his project / thesis work with relevant theories and methods of digital humanities and digital research.

Introductory course in digital research

The course Digital Research provides an orientation in digital research in the humanities and social sciences. The orientation is broad and deals with digital research methods as well as tools, and the digitization of society and culture as study objects. The course is given in cooperation with Digsum.

The course comprises three parts:

a general introduction to the field
a part about digital methods in the form of lectures, practical reviews and workshops
Examples of specific and research-related applications of tools and perspectives

The course will take place during the latter part of the autumn term 2018.

Undergraduate courses in digital humanities

Humlab offers in-depth courses for PhD students who have passed the introductory course or have equivalent knowledge.

An in-depth course focuses on applications of digital humanities based on a specific and dissertational project designed by the doctoral student.

Other in-depth courses can focus on a specific topic and are offered based on the needs of the faculty.