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Anna Bladh
Carl-Erik Engqvist

Carl-Erik is a contemporary artist and Artistic Director at Humlab

Coppelie Cocq

Deputy director. 

Professor in Sámi studies and digital humanities. 


Evelina Liliequist

Liliequist holds a PhD in Ethnology, Digital Humanities from Umeå University.

Fredrik Norén

I am working as a senior research assistant at Humlab – the digital humanities center at Umeå University – focusing on digital text analysis, media history and strategic communication.

Henrik Norin

Works with our Makerspace, also holds lectures and workshops in the electronics and computer area. Works with room bookings and technical support for our premises and events.

Jim Robertsson

I work mainly with IT issues, operation and maintenance at Humlab and Humlab-X.

Johan von Boer

I develop digital solutions in research projects. I also maintain and develop Humlabs IT infrastructure.

Jon Svensson

Co-ordinating the program activities for Humlab & UmArts. 

I am also teaching and involved in e-learning support for Humlab and for UPL.

Kajsa Palm

Working with UX/UI-design and system developing at Humlab. 

Karin Danielsson

I am a senior lecturer/associate professor in informatics at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Since 2021, I am the director of Humlab at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. <>

Mari Jonsson

I am a finance coordinator at Humlab and work with finance and administrative tasks.

Maria Eriksson
Mattis Lindmark

System developer focused on 3D, digital media production and computer games.

Per Holm

At Humlab, I'm working as project coordinator. At The Department of Culture and Media, I'm working as a programme coordinator and lecturer at the Programme for Culture and Entrepreneurship.

Rebecka Weegar
Roger Mähler

Roger Mähler is responsible for systems and method development at Humlab and coordinates Humlab's efforts in the field in a variety of research projects.

Sandra Lundström

I work as a Communications Officer at the Department of Language Studies,  and at Humlab. My tasks include web-related work, graphic design, writing news, social media, and events.

Satish Strömberg

I am the ICT coach for the Faculty of Humanities. I guide and consult with colleagues on how they can use, and be helped by, modern digital technology for teaching, research and administration

Tomas Skotare

I am a system developer at Humlab, and I am involved in project related to for example scientific data management and scientific data analysis.