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Anna Foka, senior research assistant

Associate senior lecturer

Boel Elmroth, administrator, unit

Communication, event coordination and administration of Humlab and Humlab-X. Web and Directory Co-ordinator.

Carl-Erik Engqvist, artistic director

Carl-Erik is a contemporary artist and Artistic director at Humlab

Coppelie Cocq, researcher (absence)

Associate Professor in Sámi Studies and Nordic Folkloristics specializing in Minority Studies.

Daniel Kjellander, other position

I am a postgraduate student of English Linguistics with a specialization in Semantics and Word formation. I also teach Language history and Sociolinguistics on undergraduate level.

Evelina Liliequist, other position

Current dissertation project:
Digitala förbindelser- hbtq-personers meningsskapande i relation till sociala medier, identitet och plats i norra Sverige 

Ingela Westerlund, coordinator, administrative

Works primarily with the economy, human resources and work environment at Humlab. Is part of Humlab's management team. Has been working at the university since 2011.

Jim Robertsson, system administrator, IT

I work mainly with IT issues, operation and maintenance at Humlab and Humlab-X.

Johan von Boer, system developer

Works with development of research tools specializing in web clients and data visualization.

Jon Svensson, IT teacher

Responsible for technical support in Humlab at main campus

Kyriaki Konstantinidou, senior research assistant

Kyriaki Konstantinidou is Senior Research Assistant in the project "Digital Pausanias: Migrations and Transformations"

Mattis Lindmark, system developer

System developer focused on 3D, digital media production and computer games.

Per Holm, project coordinator

At Humlab, I'm working as project coordinator. At The Department of Culture and Media, I'm working as a programme coordinator and lecturer at the Programme for Culture and Entrepreneurship.

Roger Mähler, system developer

Roger Mähler is responsible for systems and method development at Humlab and coordinates Humlab's efforts in the field in a variety of research projects.

Satish Patel, university lecturer

As an ICT coach I guide and consult with teaching, research and administarative staff in order to help them use and embrace modern, digital technology for their professional day to day needs.

Stefan Gelfgren, senior lecturer (associate professor)