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Tools to enable collaborative projects

Here we have gathered tested tools, links and questions that have been selected to enable your cooperation project. The tools range from the early project-idea phase through the application phase, to the management of results.

We have divided the tools into three main groups Basis for collaborative projects, Factors for successful collaboration and innovation, Successful application processes and Horizontal criteria as leverage. Each grouping contains different areas of work with suggested tools, links or questions. Many areas are intertwined, so feel free to browse for an overview.

Work with horizontal criteria that is well thought out and which runs throughout the process is beneficial to the project, and such work is the cornerstone of any EU-funded project.

Horizontal criteria

By working with horizontal criteria in a structured way throughout the process, you strengthen the conditions and chances for your project as well as the possibilities for your results of having a positive effect.

Here are tools and methods to work with horizontal criteria and leverage your project.

Latest update: 2023-02-16