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Published: 2024-01-18 Updated: 2024-02-16, 14:24

AI Policy Lab starts at Umeå University

NEWS Artificial intelligence presents both opportunities and challenges for society. Several policies and regulations, such as the EU AI Act, are being developed to address this impact. As a new initiative at Umeå University, the AI Policy Lab will explore how governance and policy structures can handle the human and societal impact of AI", says Professor Virginia Dignum, Scientific Director at the new AI Policy Lab.

Virginia Dignum is a worldwide leading expert on responsible AI and has been a member of the EU, UNESCO and World Economic Forum expert panels on AI. Since the end of last year, she is also one of the members of the new UN AI Council. Prof Virginia Dignum highlights that research into AI governance is necessary to anticipate and manage the impact of AI in society.

"AI has an impact on all of us and is being used to support important decisions. This ranges from diagnostics to credit and grant applications, as well as social media and transport infrastructures. Research at the AI Policy Lab will focus on the reciprocal relationship between AI policies and societal changes, ensuring that policies are informed by and responsive to society's evolving needs and values", says Professor Dignum.

Responsible AI

The AI Policy Lab is being partly funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The lab will be a hub bringing researchers from different disciplines, facilitating collaborative research and a trust-building network.

"It will welcome Umeå University researchers from different faculties for short-term fellowships and permanent research staff to integrate ethical, legal, and social considerations in all phases of AI development. Artificial intelligence and its potential should be realized responsibly and beneficially for people and society", Prof Dignum says.

Raise awareness

The AI Policy Lab will provide expert advice on regulations and compliance to support the implementation of effective AI policies. "We want to encourage a dialogue on ethically sustainable AI through workshops, seminars, and training programmes to raise awareness among policymakers, researchers and the public," says Virginia Dignum.

Scientific Director

For more information, please visit the AI Policy Lab website