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Published: 2024-05-23

Democratised AI and low-cost prosthetics at UID24

NEWS On 28 May, a new crop of young designers reveal their 40-plus design concepts to the world. At UID24 | Design Talks & Degree Show, an intriguing collection of innovations – ranging from farming tools in the age of climate change, to youth activism in the digital realm, to tactile music listening – will be unveiled.

Text: Jens Persson

Take a step into the future as budding designers share their visions for a better tomorrow. At UID24, graduating students present their degree projects during a live-streamed show at Umeå Institute of Design (UID). The event sees students give bite-size talks on stage, unveiling their projects via 3D models and digital visualisations. The evening exhibition allows participants to engage with students and further explore their visions through physical models, installations, and video expositions. Already today, you can get a sneak peek of the projects in the UID24 | Project Gallery.

"This year’s event exposes the pivotal design challenges our students have committed to explore during the final moments of their education at UID. Our guests, both in-person and online, will experience innovative projects that push the boundaries of care, for people and planet. It is with immense pride that we exhibit their original proposals looking at the complex issues that confront us today", says Demian Horst, Head of Institute.

Our guests will experience innovative projects that push the boundaries of care, for people and planet.

The theme for UID24 is 'synergies'. The sentiment emanated from the students themselves and reflects the school’s collaborative atmosphere, the cross-pollination of ideas, and the interconnectedness of design ecosystems. Throughout this spring semester, the student design studios at UID have become laboratories for playful exploration and experimentation.

The projects showcased during UID24 delve into societal transformation, tackling both social and environmental challenges head-on. Prepare to have your curiosity piqued by a diverse range of captivating concepts, including a vehicle supporting new lifestyles in harsh environments, democratised AI services, as well as examining taboos surrounding menstruation in the military.

Heinrich Zaunschirm, graduating from the MFA Programme in Advanced Product Design, looked at how low-cost DIY technologies might kick off a new generation of accessible and functional prosthetics.

"I have investigated how recent developments in technology, new 3D printing methods for example, could help create prostheses that offer higher user benefits while making them more accessible. I believe that this could be achieved by creating simpler, more versatile devices that focus on practicability, comfort and individualisation", says Heinrich Zaunschirm.

Year after year, Umeå Institute of Design draw a diverse student body, culturally and geographically. The school’s extensive network of partners in research, industry, and civil society contributes to the grad show’s reputation as a birthplace for emerging design trends and a forum for forward-thinking design discourse. During UID24, global industry giants like Apple, Honda, Cisco, Philips, and Bang & Olufsen converge in Umeå to build upon student partnerships, look at project showcases, and scout for future design talent.

UID24 | Design Talks & Degree Show, May 28–29

UID24 | Project Gallery

UID24 | Live Stream

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