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Published: 2024-02-26

Five questions to doctoral student Susanna

NEWS Susanna Sandberg is a registered dietitian and a doctoral student at the Department of Food, Nutrition and Culinary Science. Her doctoral project focuses on school lunches with an emphasis on accessibility, inclusion, and pupils diagnosed with ADHD or autism spectrum disorders within the project "A School Lunch for All".

What is the research project about in general?

My research project focuses on inclusion and accessibility in relation to school lunches, with a specific focus on the experiences of students diagnosed with ADHD or autism spectrum disorders. I have gathered research data through observations in school restaurants and by conducting interviews with pupils, teachers, school meal staff, and parents.

What is the aim of the study and who will benefit from the results?

Among students with these diagnoses, adjustments to both the food served during lunch and the school restaurant environment may be relevant. There are very few studies that have focused on how pupils diagnosed with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder experience school lunch, their needs and requirements. The results from this study contribute knowledge to research further on the topic, and form and develop recommendations for adjustments of food and environment in schools. The research can also enhance opportunities for a more accessible and inclusive school restaurant for all students, not only for the specific group studied.

What made you apply for a PhD position?

I have been working as a dietician for ten years and over the years I have identified many knowledge gaps in the field of food and nutrition. When the opportunity for a PhD position came up and I got the chance to formulate a research proposal myself, it felt natural to apply.

What do you hope to achieve during your time as a doctoral student?

That the specific topic I am researching receives attention, and the results will benefit both local schools but also at national level. Personally, my goal is to learn a great deal about research and to write in order to disseminate research both in academic contexts and for the general public.

What is your main driving force as a doctoral student?

I like talking to people, seeing new places and discovering new things. It's a driving force for me, and I think it's valuable for the research method I used.

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Susanna Sandberg
Doctoral student