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Doctoral studies

Are you interested in nutrition and meals and want to understand more? Do you enjoy the university environment and planning your own work? Then our doctoral studies might be of interest.

Being a doctoral student in nutrition and food science means that you acquire knowledge and practical experience of conducting scientific studies in an exciting and interdisciplinary field. At present, nine doctoral students are admitted to the doctoral programme in nutrition and food science.

Doctoral studies last for four years (240 credits) and during doctoral studies, teaching or other departmental duties may also be included to a lesser extent. All doctoral students at the department have a doctoral position, which means that they are employed and considered as one of the colleagues. As a doctoral student, you have access to a workplace, computer and are supervised by one of the department's researchers. All doctoral students have a main supervisor and at least one assistant supervisor. Assistant supervisors often come from another subject, as we collaborate with other research subjects in social sciences, medicine and natural sciences.

For more information, see our general syllabus for doctoral education in food and nutrition science, or contact the head of doctoral education at the department.


To be able to apply for the doctoral programme in food and nutrition science, you must have:

  • a second-cycle degree (Master's degree), completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 credits are at second-cycle level, or in some other way within or outside the country acquired essentially equivalent knowledge.
  • completed course requirements of at least 90 credits in the subject of nutrition and food science, nutrition science, dietetics, home and consumer studies or food and restaurant science. Special qualifications are also available to those who have acquired equivalent knowledge in another way within or outside Sweden.



Food, Nutrition and Culinary Science (from 2020)

13. Linda Berggren
Title: "It's not really about the food, it's about everything else": students', teachers' and principals' experiences of school lunch in Sweden.
Year: 2021

12. Joachim Sunqvist
Title: Eat, meet, fly, repeat: the contextuality of business travelers' meals
Year: 2020

Food Science (1995 - 2019)

11. Ingela Bohm
Title: "We are made of meat, so why should we eat vegetables?": food discourses in the school subject home and consumer science
Year: 2016

10. Cecilia Lindblom
Title: The school subject Home and Consumer Science in the 21st century: conditions for pupils' ability to achieve their goals.
Year: 2016

9. Ethel Kautto
Title: Is it the gluten-free diet that matters most? Food, gender and celiac disease
Year: 2014

8. Åsa Svensson
Title: Assessment of dietary intake in young populations using new methods and techniques
Year: 2014

7. Maria Waling
Title: Dietary and metabolic effects of a 2-year lifestyle intervention in children with overweight and obesity
Year: 2011

6. Petra Ryden
Title: Towards an understanding of barriers to and facilitators of dietary change
Year: 2011

5. Catharina Bäcklund
Title: Promoting physical activity among overweight and obese children: Effects of a family-based lifestyle intervention on physical activity and metabolic markers.
Year: 2010

4. Cecilia Olsson
Title: Celiac disease in Swedish children and adolescents: variations in incidence and the importance of gluten-free diet with a youth perspective
Year: 2008

3. Inger Öhlund
Title: Health effects of dietary intake in infancy and early childhood
Year: 2008

2. Linda Hagfors
Title: An intervention study of the Mediterranean diet in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Year: 2003

1. Christel Larsson
Title: Young vegetarians and omnivores: Dietary habits and other health-related aspects.
Year: 2001


Head of doctoral education

A few of our ongoing doctoral projects

Vegan gastronomy – A cultural perspective
Duration 1 January 2023
Type of project PhD project
Sensing Tomorrow
Duration 1 September 2022
Type of project PhD project
Adjustments of food and environment during school lunch
Duration 1 September 2020 until 30 August 2025
Type of project PhD project
Opportunities and challenges in hospital meal services
Duration 1 September 2017
Type of project PhD project
Latest update: 2024-03-27