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Published: 2023-11-16

Four new recognised teachers at Language Studies

NEWS On 10 November, recently appointed recognised and distinguished teachers were celebrated with a ceremony in the Teacher Education Building. At the Department of Language Studies, four teachers were celebrated.

Recognised teachers

Aleksei Semenenko, Docent in Russian with a focus on literary studies

Mia Svensson, Associate professor in French

Susanne Haugen, Associate professor in Nordic Languages. 

Hanna Söderlund, Associate professor in Swedish.

Acquisition of educational qualification

Teachers at Umeå University can apply for acquisition of educational qualification. To be eligible, at least five years of teaching experience is required, corresponding to at least two years of full-time teaching. The teacher must also have taken courses in higher education pedagogy equivalent to at least 10 weeks study or 15 credits.

The model has two levels: recognised university teacher and distinguished university teacher. The overall goal for Umeå University's educational qualification model is to contribute to ongoing educational quality development.