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Published: 2022-12-21 Updated: 2023-01-09, 16:01

Research on sustainable blue economy receives SEK 50 million

NEWS More and more people want to use our oceans, and sustainable use of the oceans is required, where decisions are based on democracy and science. But to succeed in this, more actors, beyond just scientists, must be involved in the process. Umeå University is part of the collaborative research programme "Co-Creating Better Blue" which has been awarded SEK 50 million by Mistra to develop new processes for co-creation of a sustainable future.

Text: Markus Nordin

The goal of Co-Creating Better Blue is to develop ecosystem-based management processes where decisions are based on sustainability and democracy. The project's vision is to steer developments towards a more sustainable, open and democratic blue economy involving stakeholders to scientists. Umeå University is a partner in Co-Creating Better Blue which is led by the University of Gothenburg.

"The fact that we have been granted the research program Co-Creating Better Blue shows the importance of co-creation processes in the work towards sustainable use of the oceans. We are really looking forward to working with the various actors in the program and other local stakeholders. Umeå University will lead the part of the program called Living Lab North, which will focus on the northern parts of the Baltic Sea", says Professor Nick Kamenos, director of Umeå Marine Sciences Center at Umeå University.

Co-Creating Better Blue involves 13 partners from academia and research organizations, 25 co-funded partners from industry and the public sector, and stakeholders from civil society. Mistra will finance the program with SEK 50 million over four years.


Mistra: SEK 50 million for research into sustainable blue economy



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