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Published: 2022-06-30

Monitoring staff with a license to dive

NEWS Now Umeå University can proudly present four employees who have obtained the Swedish professional diving certificate S-30. On behalf of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, macrovegetation in the Gulf of Bothnia will be monitored within the national environmental monitoring.

Text: Ingrid Söderbergh

In March, the training for scientific divers began for Jenny Ask, Joakim Ahlgren, Robin Bergman and Martina Jeuthe, all staff at Umeå Marine Research Centre, UMF, at Umeå University. Since then, it has been hard work and many hours of practice beneath the surface.

"We have been commissioned by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management to monitor macrovegetation in the Gulf of Bothnia. This means, for example, that we will investigate how deep different algae and plants are found on the seabed. Depth range and species composition of vegetation gives an indication of the environmental status, partly because the depth range is affected by eutrophication, says project manager Jenny Ask, researcher and environmental analyst at UMF, Umeå University.

The Swedish professional diver certificate S-30 aimes at scientific divers, who dive to photograph, collect samples, or otherwise document life below the surface. The number 30 indicates that they are trained to be able to dive down to a depth of 30 meters. This is quite sufficient for the activities that now will be launched at UMF.

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