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Published: 2023-01-17

UCMR Day gathers infection researchers in Umeå

NEWS UCMR Day 19 January is an excellent opportunity for networking and initiation of new collaborations within molecular and translational infection research in Umeå. This year the conference attracts nearly 150 participants and is held in Aula Nordica at Umeå University.

Text: Ingrid söderbergh

“This year marks the first on-site conference after the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to more interactions and exchange of ideas in person. This is important to build up a vibrant workplace,” says Yaowen Wu, professor at the Department of Chemistry at Umeå University and Director of UCMR.

To embrace this return to “in real life science”, the UCMR Day’s organising committee has opted for a different meeting style, with two outstanding keynote speakers and where all the poster presenters (50) have the possibility to showcase their project in the form of elevator talks.

“We are confident that this model will fulfil our wishes to see a lot of good science, learn a lot, and develop novel ideas and collaborations. This set up is the very essence of the bottom up UCMR approach,” says Teresa Frisan, professor at the Department of Molecular Biology at Umeå University and Deputy Director of UCMR.

The programme also includes plenty of time for chatting and networking, as well as a group discussion in the afternoon about future directions of UCMR.

To date, UCMR comprises over 60 research groups from ten departments at the Faulty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science and Technology.

How can UCMR keep such a heterogenic organisation together?

“UCMR originates from a bottom-up initiative. Researchers with different expertise work together to solve important questions in microbial infection. UCMR Day is an important annual event for the exchange of new ideas and initiation of new multidisciplinary collaborations,” says Yaowen Wu.

Keynote lectures

The two keynote lectures in Aula Nordica are open to everyone to come and listen to.

11:15 - 12:00: Stress signaling promotes antibiotic resistance and tolerance in Gram-negative pathogens
Dr. Tobias Dörr, Cornell University, USA

17:00 - 17:45: Host cell remodeling by herpes virus encoded deconjugases
Professor Maria Grazia Masucci, Karolinska Institutet

Programme 19 January

Read the UCMR Day programme here

About UCMR

UCMR was founded in 2004. The vision of UCMR is to develop a world-leading science environment promoting cutting-edge molecular and translational infection research. To date UCMR comprises over 60 research groups from ten departments at the Faulty of medicine and the Faculty of Science and Technology at Umeå University.

The research fields include microbial pathogenesis, molecular and cell biology, chemistry, clinical microbiology, structural biology, immunology, epidemiology, microbial ecology, physics, mathematics, and data-driven science.

UCMR website

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