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Published: 2023-11-17

UCMR PI new board member in proteomics society

NEWS UCMR PI André Mateus is a new board member of the Swedish Proteomics Society, SPS. The society endorses activities within the proteomic field in Sweden, constitutes an interface with international proteomic programmes and develops and further promote state-of-the-art proteomic technology.

I think it is important to continue promoting advancements in the proteomics field.

Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteomes. A proteome is a set of proteins produced in an organism, system, or biological context. Proteomics is used to investigate when and where proteins are expressed; rates of protein production and degradation; how proteins are modified; the movement of proteins between subcellular compartments; the involvement of proteins in metabolic pathways; and how proteins interact with one another.

André, how does it feel?

“I feel really honoured to have been selected, it is great to be recognized by the Swedish proteomics community. Since I moved back to Sweden, I have been following the biweekly seminar series that SPS organizes together with the Swedish National Infrastructure for Biological Mass Spectrometry and the SciLifeLab Integrative Structural Biology platform. I am impressed by the quality of proteomics research that is being done in Sweden.”

What are important questions to deal with in this field?

“I think it is important to continue promoting advancements in the proteomics field. There are many different technologies emerging, and it is important that we keep the community up-to-date. I still feel that the field is a bit fragmented, and each proteomics group does similar analyses in slightly different ways, which can be confusing for collaborators from other fields. We need to make sure that results are comparable when they originate from different platforms. By bringing researchers with different approaches together, we can ensure that this is the case.”


The Swedish Proteomics Society, SPS

The Swedish Proteomics Society was founded in December 2001. The goal of the society is to promote interaction between proteomics researchers in Sweden, and to ensure that people are aware of recent developments in the field. SPS achieves this for example by organizing a yearly meeting and a biweekly seminar series.

SPS website