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Published: 2022-11-09

Umeå delegation at Japanese-Swedish Research & Innovation Week

NEWS During 15-18 November, a delegation from Umeå University will be attending a bilateral research conference arranged at Kyushu University, Japan, together with other 19 Swedish and Japanese universities. The theme for the conference is “Sharing ONE future: Integrative Knowledge and Sustainable Transformation towards a better world.”

Text: David Meyers

The Research and Innovation (R&I) week is arranged within the MIRAI 2.0 project and the programme contains joint activities and scientific workshops within the thematic areas of the network: Ageing, Sustainability, Materials Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Participants are given the opportunity to present their research, learn from other successful collaboration projects, and discuss and develop project ideas.

“For Umeå University, MIRAI is a fantastic opportunity for researchers to establish long-term collaboration with Japanese and Swedish colleagues in a broad range of disciplines,” says Katrine Riklund, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Umeå University. “We are looking forward to the continued exchange of ideas, and especially for our young researchers to expand their networks with other researchers within their field. To furter strengthen the collaboration, there is seed funding for projects and courses to apply for, and the application period closes 1 December."
The MIRAI 2.0 R&I week 2022 brings together researchers, students, and university management from all 20 Swedish and Japanese MIRAI 2.0 member universities, as well as research funding agencies and policymakers. Umeå University has been a collaborating member within the MIRAI project since 2017.

Paralllel scientific sessions within AI, sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship. materials science, and ageing

Carl-Johan Boraxbekk, professor at the Department of Radiation Sciences and co-chair of the thematic expert group within ageing, will deliver the opening remarks at the thematic expert group within ageing. Japan and Sweden are two countries that are facing similar challenges with a growing ageing population yet are also two very different countries.

Tomas Blomquist, professor of business administration at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics, will be delivering a presentation titled “Experiences from the first meetings between tech startups and corporates: How do you prepare yourself?” at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship group parallel scientific session.

Jennifer Frankel, doctoral student at the Department of Radiation Sciences, will be delivering a presentation titled “High-intensity interval training (HIT) for older adults - Development of new training strategies” at the Ageing group parallel scientific session.

Furthermore, Irina Mancheva, postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Political Science, is co-organising a workshop in the Sustainability programme titled “Interdisciplinary approaches to research on global, regional and national policy goals – opportunities and hinders for local sustainability.” Irina Mancheva is one of three Umeå researchers that received MIRAI seed funding for joint research projects.

There will also be a special focus on researchers in the early stages of their careers. Many attendees are young researchers and doctoral students that will have the opportunity to showcase their research at poster sessions over three days.

MIRAI R&I week is an excellent opportunity to enhance and update my research knowledge in the field of material science, by exchanging ideas within national and international research groups and developing new collaboration networks.

- Mouna Rafei, doctoral student at the Department of Physics


The delegation from Umeå University includes:
Katrine Riklund, Ingrid Svensson, Gregory Neely, Carl-Johan Boraxbekk, Tomas Blomquist, Anne Ouma, Ida Asplund, Irina Mancheva, Jennifer Frankel, Mouna Rafei, Jia Wang, Xiuyu Wu, Siyang Wang, and Jenny Ahlinder Hagberg.

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About MIRAI 2.0

MIRAI 2.0 is a three-year (2020-2023) academic alliance among 20 Universities in Sweden and Japan, aiming to promote long-term research collaboration between the two countries through:
·   Activities in research, education and innovation
·   Preparing the next generation of researchers

​Since the start of the project in 2020 several digital workshops, meetings and conferences have been arranged and more than 30 new Swedish-Japanese research projects have been initiated.

Mirai means future in Japanese.

The first phase of the project ran from 2017-2019 and resulted in several joint project proposals and successful research collaborations. The project is coordinated by the University of Gothenburg and Nagoya University in Japan.


For more information, contact:

Jenny Ahlinder Hagberg
International strategist