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Published: 02 Jun, 2020

USBE Alumni Foundation Prize 2020

NEWS This year's recipient is Javier Jo Mai, student at the Master´s Program in Finance.

This year's recipient of the USBE Alumni Foundation Prize is Javier Jo Mai.

The USBE Alumni foundation scholarship of SEK 10,000 is handed out in collaboration with Swedbank.

Criteria for the scholarship is as follows:
To be considered as a candidate for the USBE Alumni Scholarship the student should have worked to "promote the development and quality of education and research at the Business School" and / or "support other USBE students' education and development".

Javier Jo Mai has showed a great commitment in driving internationalization within the student organization HHUS making it a more inclusive environment for international students at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics. One of his driving forces was to be an activist in his education in the hopes of providing a better future for students. With internalization being a target for HHUS, Javier has been one of the international students leading the way.

In addition, Javier have worked actively in the further development of the HHUS Business Week with national and international company visits. 

Javier regarding the Alumni Foundation Prize: “We all have stories to tell, and this year, I am grateful to share my story with such an accomplishment with everyone who supported me along the journey. I am very grateful to be the receiver of this year's USBE Alumni prize. With this award, I want to continue strengthening my story and inspire future receivers to lay one more stone towards the path of a brighter future for upcoming generations.”

Fellow students about Javier: “I believe that Javier’s contribution during his time as a board advisor within the student organization HHUS served the student community to not only to become more inclusive, but also to promote different values which are still eminent up to date.”

“First, when it comes to studies, Javier is committed to education and really strives to go further and help people on the way.  He is sociable and encourages people to be open and accepting to other cultures. I had the opportunity to work with him for a project called Business Week within HHUS.“