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Image: Johnér bildbyrå AB/Phia Bergdahl


Research group We want to increase knowledge about how work environment, health and productivity are affected by different office environments and hybrid work. More than half of employees in Sweden today work in the service sector.

The physical work environment and the organisation of how work is performed in working life are of great importance to our ability to be productive, maintain good health and work for a long time. The pandemic was a starting point for remote work and many organisations have now implemented different forms of hybrid work. However, knowledge about how the work environment, health and productivity are affected by hybrid work and different types of office environments is limited.
We also look further into the possibilities to adapt the work environment for employees with disabilities in different office environments and how adaptations are performed and perceived when hybrid work is implemented.
From an architectural perspective, we examine the role of the office and the meeting rooms in future working life.
AKTIKON is a multi-disciplinary research group that includes medical doctors, physiotherapists/ergonomists, behavioural scientists, and architects. We are part of a National Network with other office researchers and strive to contribute with urgent, necessary, and applicable knowledge to create sustainable and inclusive office environments for everyone.

Head of research

Viktoria Wahlström
Research fellow


Latest update: 2023-02-16