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Education is a wide-ranging science interested in the processes that shape and change people, both children and adults. Education research addresses issues of upbringing, education, learning and teaching, in formal and informal contexts alike. Knowledge is created about how and why values, knowledge and skills emerge, are maintained and change, and about how meaningful teaching- and education situations can be planned and realized.

How sport is organised affects society

How do sport organisations distribute power and resources? Read interview with professor Josef Fahlén.

The Gunnar Starck medal to excellent educator in chemistry

The Swedish Chemical Society's prestigious medal is awarded to associate professor Karolina Broman.

Teachers important for pupils' motivation

Teachers can support motivation through the culture they create in the classroom, Anders Hofverberg shows.

To count on all students

Helena increases knowledge about preschool teacher's ability to follow pupils' mathematics learning.

ARED - Applied Research on Education and Digitalisation
ARED has a a joint interest in the digitalisation of school, teacher education, and society
Didactics, evaluation and assessment
Research on didactics, evaluation and assessment has a long-established tradition at the Department of Education at Umeå University. It is organise...
Research area: Education
FemHum is a group of humour researchers who take a feminist approach. Much of our research examines humour from different perspectives of power...
Gender and pedagogical processes in society
Researchers in the group Gender and Pedagogical Processes in Society (GePS) investigates gender and power in pedagogical processes in various...
Research area: Education, Gender studies
Leadership, organisation, and working life
Focus within Leadership, organisation, and working life (LOA) is on how individuals learn, are formed and changed in and through different working...
Research area: Education
Learning and ICT
Today Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is abundantly present in Swedish society and its pedagogics. Schools, universities, police and...
Research area: Education
Measurement in Behavioral Sciences
Measurement and assessment of knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes, regularly take place in our society, and especially in relation to...
Special education
At the Department of Education research is conducted with general educational issues in focus, that is, the processes by which human beings are...
Research area: Education
Sport Pedagogy
Sport as a social and cultural phenomenon attracts great interest worldwide, from athletes, spectators and volunteers to sponsors, school, and publ...