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Image: Johan Wikner

Johan Wikner Lab

Research group Our research is focused on control of Prokaryotes (Bacteria and Archea) and their abundance, growth, and respiration in the Sea.

The research is relevant for decomposition of organic matter, associated oxygen consumption and transformation of elements in the biosphere. Special interest is in how discharge of carbon and nutrients influence prokaryotic activity in the coastal sea. In addition, how shrinking ice cover in the Arctic ocean will influence the prokaryotic transformation of carbon compounds. Development of a precise method for estimation of oxygen consumption with sensor technique and Peltier-elements has been crucial for this research. Time series from monitoring programs are used to understand controlling factors for bacterial abundance, growth on large spatial and temporal scales.

As associated with the University unit for the Swedish Institute of the Marine Environment I contribute to analyse and synthesize the environmental status of the marine environment. This is done with focus on the national environmental goals No eutrophication and Limited climate impact, and the global sustainable goal Life below water. The results are used for scientific advice to water authorities and are communicated to the public and decision makers.

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The research is financed by Kempestiftelserna and EcoChange strategic research programme.

External funding

Latest update: 2023-01-23