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Image: Henrik Larsson

Marine ecology

Research group We focus on research about land-sea interaction and climate drivers of function and structure of the marine food web. One strategy is to investigate long term ecological time series and explain their variations on different spatial and temporal scales.

The water balance of the Baltic Sea creates a sharp physical-chemical-biological gradient from north to south, providing an opportunity to use the sea basins as full-scale experimental systems. Hypotheses are tested regarding controlling factors for primary production, respiration, fish abundance, fish migration, bacterial growth, food web efficiency , benthic organisms and algae. The time series analyses are complemented by experimental studies in a unique mesocosm facility, laboratory experiments with molecular methods and mathematical models.

Umeå Marine Sciences Centre with its research vessels and laboratory facilities is an important resource for the research.

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Department of Ecology and Environmental Science

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Research projects

Disease-causing bacteria thrive in browner water

A new thesis reveals how climate change can promote potentially dangerous bacteria in the Baltic Sea.

Microbes tell us about the environment

Li Zhao has studied marine microorganisms to find out how they react to climate change.

World Ocean Day

Today we celebrate World Oceans Day and and focus on protecting our seas.

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