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Special education

At the Department of Education research is conducted with general educational issues in focus, that is, the processes by which human beings are formed and change in different social, cultural and historical contexts.


Within the department's Special Education field, teaching and research focus on the interplay between the individual and conditions, resources and norms of society and schooling. This includes the participation of children, young people and adults' communication and learning within different contexts.

Our research, which draws on different methodologies, aims at supporting special educational needs, so that work with people in need of special assistance is implemented on a scientific basis. Current research includes studies on, for example, policy, leadership, organization, identity, power, governance, health, inclusion, exclusion, normality, deviancy and gender.

In collaboration with SPSM the (Special Needs Education Authority) and Särskolenätverket Norr (the Network for Special Schools, North) our researchers implement evaluations and other types of assignments in the field of special education. The research is highly practice-oriented and focused on producing results that can be of practical use in remedial teaching and special education programmes and in society in general.


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