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Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden

Research infrastructure CBCS coordinates, and makes available, a powerful and integrated platform for the discovery, development and utilization of small molecules and chemical tools for life science applications - in close collaboration with academic research groups.

CBCS Umeå (former LCBU) has since 2006 assisted academic research groups, research institutes, and SMEs with the identification and development of bioactive small molecules. 

CBCS Umeå is located at the Department of Chemistry and is one of two nodes building up the SciLifeLab national infrastructure in chemical biology. The second node is placed at the Karolinska Institutet. 

CBCS provides expertise support and experimental resources within assay development, computational chemistry, cheminformatics, chemical library screening and development, medicinal/synthetic chemistry, and target identification. The facilities comprise compound handling labs (hosting the SciLifeLab Compound Collection of ca 200,000 molecules), screening - and chemistry labs.

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Latest update: 2022-09-13