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Image: Yrsa Landström

Adaptive management of fish populations in the Swedish mountains

PhD project within the Industrial Doctoral School.

What controls the production of brown trout and Arctic char in mountain lakes today and how are they affected by climate change? In order to be able to manage this resource in the long term, Sven Norman work together with the northernmost county administrative boards to find clear answers to these questions.

Project overview

Project period:

2016-04-01 2021-09-01

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Ecology and Environmental Science

Research area


Project description

The Swedish mountains are one of the areas where the effects of climate change are expected to be strongest. At the same time, new research has shown that not only temperature but also light climate and nutrition control fish production in mountain lakes and that the nutrient limitation paradigm alone cannot explain and predict lakes' productivity and response to future climate change.

The purpose of the project is to improve knowledge of these processes and to develop management strategies for the sustainable use of fish stocks in mountain lakes. The project is expected to generate valuable knowledge about fish production in different types of mountain lakes and how fish stocks are affected by both different types of fishing and future climate change.

News about the project

Want to have trout, char and salmon to thrive as fish in the water

In the summer, doctoral students Johan Leander and Sven Norman go into an intense period out in the field.

Latest update: 2020-11-03