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AutogrAIde – Automated Grading of AI

Research project AutoGrAIde: an interdisciplinary university-wide hackathon that asks students the question of whether and how should AI be used in automating grading (January 2022)

The autoGrAIde hackathon will challenge interdisciplinary teams of students during a one-day hackathon on the question of whether and how to automate grading. Besides engaging in an interdisciplinary collaborative learning activity, autogrAIde will empower students by participating in a process that affects them directly. AutogrAIde is dedicated to creating university-wide bridges across six disciplines: computer science, design, pedagogy, informatics, philosophy, and law. Interested in participating in the activity or reaching the network? Please contact us!

Head of project

Loïs Vanhée
Associate professor

Project overview

Project description

This project is financed by The Council of Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems, RAI, at Umeå University.