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CemZero – direct separation of carbon dioxide originating from calcination of carbonate-based raw materials in the production of cement clinker and quick lime

Research project To enable CO2-capture by new process solutions, new knowledge is needed related to calcination and carbonization in CO2 rich gas, and to new technologies for CO2 free production of cement clinker and quicklime. The present project targets questions related to materials and processes for production of carbonate based raw materials when traditional fuels are replaced with electrical heating.

The project includes studies of calcination and clinker mineral formation for carbonate based raw materials under electrical heating, carbonation under cooling in high CO2 concentrations, evaluations of technologies aiming at upscaling, and determination of gas composition in the CO2 rich process gases. The suitability of the gases for capture, transport and geological storage, or other use, will be evaluated.

Project leaders

Matias Eriksson
Adjunct associate professor

Project overview

Project period:

2020-01-14 2024-12-31


Cementa AB, SMA Mineral AB, Nordkalk AB, the Swedish Mineral Processing Research Association MinFo, and the Swedish Energy Agency, 9 012 000 kr

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Applied Physics and Electronics

External partners

Nordkalk AB, Cementa AB, SMA Mineral AB, Swedish Mineral Processing Research Association, the Swedish Energy Agency

Research area

Chemical sciences, Energy engineering
Latest update: 2020-06-01