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Changing ice-cover regimes in a warmer climate: Effects on northern aquatic ecosystems

Research project The goal of this project is to assess the effects of changing ice-cover regimes on aquatic primary production and carbon metabolism in northern freshwater and coastal marine ecosystems.

Contact person

Jenny Ask
Environmental analyst

Project overview

Project period:

2017-01-01 2021-12-31

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Ecology and Environmental Science

External funding

  • Project members

    External project members

    Dr. Erin Hotchkiss, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
    Prof. Rolf Vinebrooke, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Project description

Northern aquatic ecosystems are seasonally variable due to long, cold and dark ice-covered winters as well as 24-hour sunlight during summer. A warmer climate has effects on the extensions and magnitudes of snow- and ice-cover, with shorter duration of ice-cover expected for northern aquatic ecosystems. The ice-cover is important for carbon accumulation (CO2 and CH4), aquatic-atmosphere gas exchange and a number of biological processes. Hence, a changing ice-cover regime will have important implications for the function of northern aquatic ecosystems and for the role of these systems in the global carbon cycle.

External funding

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