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Evaluation of The Literacy Lift

Research project The programme, the Literacy Lift, mainly consists of a learning platform with 30 web-based literacy modules. Groups of teachers and a supervisor chose two modules to work with for one year according to a structured training model.

The Literacy Lift is currently implemented at different school levels. On commission by the National Agency for Education seven researchers linked to Umeå Centre for Evaluation Research evaluate the programme successively in terms of its value for different stakeholders and effects on collegial learning, teaching and students’ literacy skills as experienced by teachers. A final synthesis report is planned for publication in June 2019.

Head of project

Anders Hanberger
Professor emeritus

Project overview

Project period:

2015-10-20 2019-08-31

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Applied Educational Science Research

Research area

Educational sciences