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Inclusive and Competitive? Working in the intersection between social inclusion and marketisation in upper secondary school.

Research project The project investigated education policies on inclusion and marketization and aimed to increase knowledge of municipal strategies, upper secondary school teachers and principals understandings of social inclusion and marketization, the concrete approaches taken in this policy context and the consequences of actions taken

The research questions are: How is the new policy context for the upper secondary school understood and formed by actors at the municipal and school levels? What types of school leadership does the new policy context generate? How are teachers work, school cultures, curriculum design, students’ strategies and classroom practices changed to respond to the new policy context? How do these questions apply to a case study of an English education authority and how does this compare to the Swedish case? Our fieldwork involves (a) a survey at the municipal level, (b) interviews with students, school and municipal actors, (c) documentary and statistics collection at school, municipality and national levels, (d) observations of school life in order to capture the multiple facets of change that schools are going through.

Project overview

Project period:

2012-11-01 2015-12-31


The Swedish Research Council

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Applied Educational Science Research, Faculty of Social Sciences

Research area

Educational sciences
Latest update: 2018-12-18