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WARA Common Information Bridge – Enabling Research on Data-Driven Cloud Operations

Research project Data Centers all over the world are handling more and more data. How do you control and manage their systems and flows and how do you allocate resources most efficiently? This is something that WCIB, WARA Common Information Bridge for Enabling Research on Data-Driven Cloud Operations, is working on in a new and unique project.

Cloud and Edge Data Centers are growing in size, complexity, and heterogeneity to the point where manual management is becoming intractable. Autonomous management systems – which can identify trends and anomalies, efficiently allocate resources and improve overall system and application performance – are becoming vital, but the “full-stack” data necessary to develop innovative new approaches for these systems is very difficult to obtain.

Head of project

Paul Townend
Associate professor

Project overview

Project period:

2021-09-01 2022-09-01

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Computing Science, Faculty of Science and Technology

Research area

Computing science

Project description

WCIB, WARA Common Information Bridge, is a collaboration with Ericsson, and financed by WASP, Wallenberg AI and Autonomous System and Software Program. WCIB wants to collect data and make it available in a new and completely unique portal, open to researchers, mainly within WASP. The goal is to create optimal conditions for developing new innovative and efficient methods in cloud services.

Unique Online Portal 

The WCIB project will create an online portal to allow WASP researchers to extract large volumes of operations data from a live Cloud facility – the Ericsson Research Data Centre in Lund. This data is true “full-stack”, ranging from hardware and facility systems to network traffic and software workload metrics. WCIB will expose over 1 TB of explorable operations data per day – making this the largest source of data center operations data available anywhere in the world.

Key Challenges

The WCIB project group will address several key engineering and scientific challenges related to correlating and integrating operational cloud data.
In addition to developing the online portal, scientific challenges addressed include:

  • Automated identification and selection of sampling parameters
  • Dynamic integration of data
  • Automated “data cleaning” mechanisms to ensure user confidentiality without affecting the semantics.

Ericsson Research Data Center

WCIB researchers will be working alongside Ericsson Data Center Engineers to connect databases and metric stores and develop the methods and tools necessary to create this state-of-the-art data resource.  

WARA Common Information Bridge is a research collaboration between Umeå University and Ericsson Research Data Center. For further information, please contact Johan Eker, Principal Researcher at Ericsson Research Data Center and Professor at the Department of Automatic Control, Lund University.


Latest update: 2022-01-26