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Staff photo Cecilia Olsson

Cecilia Olsson

Associate professor in Food and Nutrition.

Works at

Lärarutbildningshuset, Plan 4, Lärarutbildningshuset Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I am an associate professor and have a background as a registered dietician, BSc Nutrition (nutritionist) and one year study in Psychology.

My research area mainly covers the social and cultural meaning of the meal. Among other things, I have an interest in studying meals served in healthcare, school and municipal care from different perspectives and at different levels. In recent years, it has mainly been about school lunch and now I am the main supervisor for Susanna Sandberg where a project is planned about school lunch for pupils in need of adjustments during school lunch. This PhD project is a collaboration with Umeå School of Education. In another project where I am co-supervisor for Sarah Persson, we study how dietitians and patients perceive an internet-based dietary treatment. Another research interest is how people's social life and social identity is influenced by following a dietary treatment.

My teaching currently consists mainly of courses and modules that deal with behavioral and societal perspectives on Food, nutrition and culinary science as well as supervision and examination of theses. Previously, I have worked for about ten years as a dietitian, mainly in primary care and pediatrics.

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