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Frida Grimm

PhD in Education. Postdoctor at the Centre for principal development. My research interests are leadership for learning, professional development and school development. 


Works at

Associate professor at Department of Political Science Section: Centre for Principal Development
Affiliated as postdoctoral position at Centre for Principal Development
International Studies in Educational Administration, Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM) 2023, Vol. 51, (1) : 34-51
Grimm, Frida
Professional Development in Education
Grimm, Frida
Akademiska avhandlingar vid Pedagogiska institutionen, Umeå universitet, 129
Grimm, Frida
Educational Management Administration & Leadership, Sage Publications 2023, Vol. 51, (5) : 1219-1238
Grimm, Frida; Norqvist, Lars; Katarina, Roos
Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, VIA University College 2023, Vol. 13, (2) : 63-85
Haake, Ulrika; Lindberg, Ola; Rantatalo, Oscar; et al.
ECER 2021, European Conference on Education Research, Online, September 6-10, 2021
Grimm, Frida; Norqvist, Lars; Katarina, Roos
Research in Educational Administration and Leadership, Dokuz Eylul University 2020, Vol. 5, (2) : 454-483
Grimm, Frida

Research groups

Group member

Research projects

20 August 2018 until 20 February 2023

I teach within the Swedish National Head Teacher Training Programme where school principals are educated.