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Staff photo Lena Enqvist

Lena Enqvist

LL.D. 2019 Umeå University



Works at

Assistant professor at Department of Law
Samhällsvetarhuset, Plan 5, Umeå universitet Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

LL.D 2019. Assistant Professor since May 2020, specializing in Administrative Law.

Presently active (2021-2024) within the project HYDE – Human agency and the rule of law in semi-automated decision-making systems, financed by The Swedish Research Council. 

My areas of scholarly interest are social security law, administrative law, constitutional law, medical/health law and privacy and access to information. My research has especially covered the interplay between administrative and constitutional law, and primarily pertained to social security law from a rule-of law perspective - comprising areas such as the legal preconditions for information and service exchange between responsible public and private actors in the vocational rehabilitations process, and the right to social insurance benefits.


Assistant editor of Förvaltningsrättslig tidskrift,


Nordisk Administrativt Tidsskrift, Det Nordiske Administrative Forbund (NAF) 2021, Vol. 98, (1) : 1-22
Börjesson, Angelica; Enqvist, Lena
Information & communications technology law
Enarsson, Therese; Enqvist, Lena; Naarttijärvi, Markus
Barnläkaren, Svenska barnläkarföreningen 2021, (5) : 12-13
Enqvist, Lena
Förvaltningsrättslig Tidskrift, Visby: AB 2021, (5) : 945-957
Enqvist, Lena
Förvaltningsrättslig Tidskrift, (4) : 713-720
Enqvist, Lena
Nordisk socialrättslig tidskrift, Santérus Academic Press Sweden 2020, (25-26) : 9-35
Enqvist, Lena; Mannelqvist, Ruth
Vänbok till Ulf Israelsson, Umeå: Juridiska institutionen, Umeå universitet 2020 : 75-90
Enqvist, Lena; Naarttijärvi, Markus
Jubileumsskrift till Juridiska institutionen 40 år, Umeå: Juridiska institutionen, Umeå universitet 2017 : 235-244
Mannelqvist, Ruth; Asplund, Ida; Enqvist, Lena
Juridisk Tidskrift, Stockholm: Juridiska fakulteten, Stockholms universitet 2013, Vol. 2013/14, (2) : 324-338
Mannelqvist, Ruth; Enqvist, Lena

Research groups

Group member

Research projects

1 June 2021 until 1 June 2022

My teaching mainly covers administrative law, social security law and medical law.