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A pre-study on the fate of trace elements in quicklime and cement clinker production

Research project Electrification of industrial processes means a new way of heating materials without fuels and combustion.

Fuels that often account for significant CO2 emissions. By electrifying previously directly fired processes, such as the production of cement and quicklime, a very highly concentrated CO2 gas can be captured. This gas is suitable for final storage (CCS) or use (CCU), which enables near-zero emission production of cement and quicklime. This lab project studies the effects of electrification on trace elements in the systems.

Head of project

Matias Eriksson
Adjunct associate professor

Project overview

Project period:

2021-07-01 2022-06-30


J. Gust. Richert Stiftelse 398 000 SEK

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Applied Physics and Electronics

Research area

Energy engineering
Latest update: 2021-11-29