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Mattias Sjölander

Doctor in environmental archaeology with interest in interdisciplinary approaches to prehistoric cultural development. Working as project assistant in the SEAD and Swedigarch infrastructures.

Works at

Project assistant at Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies Section: Archaeology

My research interests includes interdisciplinary apporaches in the study of how human - environment relationships have developed over time. In my research I have studied the use of bifacial points, and its relation to the exploitation of quartzite, among hunter-gatherers in Västerbotten County during the Epineolithic/Bronze Age period.This includes the application of spectroscopic methodology in the analysis of quartzite.

In the SEAD project I mainly work with quality assurance and import of new data types. This includes the documentation, import and quality assurance of new data via the Swedish Archlab consortium and Swedigarch

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My teaching has mainly involved Geographical Information Systems in archaeology and environmental archaeology, at bachelor and masters level.