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Centre for Demographic and Aging Research at Umeå University (CEDAR)


Barbara Schumann, researcher

Research focus on weather and climate change impacts on human health in Sweden and in low- and middle-income countries.

Erika Sandow, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Researching the area of population mobility, such as commuting and migration, and teaches courses in spatial planning, GIS and quantitative methods.

Johan Junkka, postgraduate student

A PhD Candidate in History who studies the relationship between fertility and social networks such as voluntary associations in Sweden between 1850-1950.

Lena Karlsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I work as an Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the Department of Sociology

Nawi Ng, professor

I am a Professor of Epidemiology and Global Health with the main research interest in the ageing population, disability, chronic non-communicable diseases, and surveillance of risk factors. I utilise Swedish register data - the Linnaues Database - which is hosted at Umeå University, as well as global data on ageing and adult health.